Amazing Eggs!

When I cook, I like to experiment now and then.  I’ve always been a big fan of eggs.  The problem that I have had when making scrambled eggs is the cleanup afterward.  Inevitably I end up cooking them too long and I have to scrub and scrub to clean my pots or pans.

But then I found this video:

After trying this a few times, I have now found my new way to cook scrambled eggs.  Having the tomatoes and bread just add to the experience.  I’ve been using bigger tomatoes, and I end up cutting them in half after cooking them for a while.

I also am just using the bread that I have as opposed to the sourdough bread (although, I think the sourdough bread would be fantastic).  Just plain old whole wheat bread.  Sometimes I spice it up with some mushrooms and scallions.

Really, what I am saying, is that you can experiment as you like.  It probably will still be edible when all is said and done, and you probably learned something from it.

3 Eggs
Nob of Butter
Half Table Spoon of Crème fraîche (I typically leave this out)
Little bit of Salt & Pepper
Chopped Chives (another that is optional)

Fat cap mushrooms
Salt & Pepper
Vine tomatoes

Sour Dough Bread (thick cut)
Drizzle Olive Oil


Breakfast from last Saturday morning

Watch Your Sugar Intake!

As if we didn’t need more proof that fructose (especially high fructose corn syrup) is not good for you, there is this report from Reuters.

So, a little background on my history leads to part of the reason why I try to lead a healthy lifestyle (which I promise to write about the full reasoning behind at some point in the near future).  It starts with my grandparents.

I’ve lost 2 (possibly 3… complications) of my grandparents to cancer.  My own parents are getting close to the age at which their parents really started to deteriorate.  I’d like to have my parents and other family members around as long as possible.  In addition to that, I would like to be around as long as possible, so I tend to take things that can cause cancer very seriously.

Smoking: never tried it.

Sunburns: I burned a lot as a kid, but I can’t change the past.  I’ve had maybe 2-3 slight burns in the last 3-4 years.  I try to put sunscreen on when I’m going out in the sun.

Even burnt food.  I try not to eat the burnt parts.

I generally try to stay away from fructose.  The linked article states that there may be a strong correlation between the increase in cancer and the prevalence of fructose in our diets.  I generally would like to keep myself as healthy as possible.

So that is my reasoning for trying to rid my diet of fructose.  I think it’s something that you should think about too.

How to Stop Eating Sweets

My penchant for sweets is pretty well known among my family. They joke and say that when I’m not around, sweets around the house take forever to get eaten. Even around my office, I would routinely pop pieces of candy in my mouth throughout the day. I’m known as the person who would “have a piece”.

I probably ate that piece.

Earlier this year, I noticed that this was becoming a lot more common. There is no shortage of sweets in our office throughout the year: small candies, birthday cakes, and leftover desserts that people are trying to get rid of.

I thought, “Do I really need all this?”

So I made a pact with myself; only one dessert a week. There have been some weeks where I would have loved to have cheated on it (and there was one week where I did sort of have 2 desserts, but one of them was fruit with whip cream – I rationalized that it shouldn’t count as much). Six months have gone by since I made the pact, and aside from that one time, I have not deviated.

So my conversation this past weekend with my father bothered me a little bit. I was talking about how I was eating healthier and that he should too. He responded that he just needed to give me a week at home and I’d break that. It is true that we still have a lot of sweets. But I don’t think he realizes my desire to eat healthy (which hopefully I’ll cover in a later post).

So how did I stop my sweet cravings?

1. As I said up above, I committed to cutting down my sweet eating. Only once a week do I allow myself to have anything that I would label a “dessert”. If this is not something you want to commit to, then you are going to have a hard time staying firm in your commitment.

2. I do not let myself cheat. If I cheat once, it makes it so much easier to cheat again. There definitely have been some times where I would love to dig in to something. Then I realize that I am trying to make myself healthier and that I am working more towards the long term than just receiving short term pleasure.

3. I have stopped eating food that I believe is bad for my body, meaning reducing processed foods in my diet. This also means paying more attention to what I buy at the grocery store. Do you realize there is high fructose corn syrup in many of the breads you buy at the grocery store. Yuck!

4. And finally, I have upped the amount of fruits and veggies I eat. I’ve learned how to make them taste good through a little trial and error. I can’t believe they used to be the thing that kept me from cleaning my plate when I was younger.

Have you tried to cut your sweets down?

Be Careful Where You Get Your Protein From

Check it Out

The linked article by Paul Chek really shed some light on my thoughts about Whey Protein.  I had been using it to supplement my workouts to help build muscle.  However, from reading this as well as doing other research, while it may help in the short term, it could have devatstating effects in the long term.

It also opened my eyes to milk and why pateurizing it is basically getting rid of any nutritional value it had.  It also could be the cause of why so many people are lactose intolerant.

It was a VERY interesting article that should definitely be read if you are on any sort of whey protein powder or eat protein bars.

Caffeine Addiction

It may be a bit surprising to hear, but I have never been a big coffee drinker.

Even when I moved to Seattle, where I lived for 2 ½ years, I never really got into the whole “I have to buy a cup of coffee every day”.  While it’s true that there are coffee shops just steps away from you at all times, I never found a need to go get coffee every day.  Sure, they were great meeting spots.  Yes, I had some every now and then.  But my morning never revolved around a cup of joe.

So this article was really interesting to me:
Caffeine addicts get no real perk from morning cup

Basically, the article boils down to the following: “Although frequent consumers feel alerted by caffeine, especially by their morning tea, coffee, or other caffeine-containing drink, evidence suggests that this is actually merely the reversal of the fatiguing effects of acute caffeine withdrawal.”

Apparently, the caffeine brings frequent consumers back to the level that they would have been at had they not been hooked on caffeine in the first place.

This may be totally inconsequential to many of you.  I do realize how much routine means to some – it means a LOT to me.  But if you are interested in lowering the caffeine that you take in every day, I would suggest doing it slowly.  Wean yourself off as opposed to making a huge jump off the caffeinated cliff.