Achievement Get: My Fitness Edition

When I was in High School, I lifted weights because I played football. It was expected that we do so if we were on the team. I don’t even remember how I kept track of things, but I do remember that I had a pretty good squat. I remember that there was just one person on the team who squatted more than I did at the time.

Aside from what kind of form I had, my other curiosity has recently been, “Why did I stop?”

The best answer that I can give is that I stopped playing football and didn’t see a reason to keep doing so. I don’t think I was on any kind of program.

If you dig back into my archives, you can tell that I’ve stayed active throughout my life, lifting or not. I ran for a few years; finishing a 5K in 23 minutes (which was my only 5K time though I bet I could have done better) and finishing a half marathon in an hour and 52 minutes (had there been less people on the course, I definitely would have finished sooner). I’ve done probably 12-15 sessions of P90X at this point. I got ripped doing that, but what I didn’t realize then was that I wasn’t really getting much stronger.

So this brings me back to lifting. I started again at the beginning of last year (though, my interest really peaked at the end of 2012 just in time for me to tear my Achilles). Because High School was my only real time of lifting barbell weights, I really don’t remember how much I lifted back then. There is no way it was as much as I lift now though.

In the weight lifting community, there is a goal of 1, 2, 3, and 4 plates on the big lifts. 1 plate of 45’s on each side for the Overhead Press. 2 plates of 45’s on each side for the Bench Press. 3 plates for the squat. 4 plates for the Deadlift.

I recently reached the goal for squats. These have always been my favorite exercise. I’m slowly getting there with the other lifts, but seeing the progress is fun. I wonder what would have happened had I kept lifting through college and beyond. There’s no way to know. We are where we are and we just have to keep progressing.

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