If We Hide Behind our Phones, Are We Really Discovering the World?

One of the books I am reading right now is a travel book. The author is riding various dangerous modes of transportation. I’m currently reading about the dangerous trains in Mumbai, India. They are so full that every boarding experience is an exercise in wrestling.

Another aspect that is really interesting about this book is the lack of privacy that people have in other parts of the world. Many of the people who I would talk to see it as a “Third World” thing. As our country has gotten richer and more technologically sound, it’s easier to get away. After all, 200 years ago the best thing that money could get you was privacy.

But is that all good? In this book, The Lunatic Express: Discovering the World… Via Its Most Dangerous Buses, Boats, Trains, and Planes, the author continues to see happiness and comfort in folks who have much less than he does. Some of the people in the places he visits are interconnected in every way, much like what small towns here in the states seem to many of us. Everybody knows your business in small towns. It’s both a blessing and a curse.

New York City, with over 8 million people living there can be the loneliest place on the planet. But if I go back to my hometown, I just have to stand in the local grocery store for a few minutes before I run into someone I know.

It’s all a matter of perspective.

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