Presidential Politics

As the presidential race has been in our face now for months and months now (even though we are just now getting to the primaries), it’s been interesting to see people talk politics.

I don’t get too hot and bothered about who will or shouldn’t be president, as there is very little that I can or would do to make a different outcome occur. I don’t plan on canvassing for folks or giving a lot of money to any party or candidate, so I really like to take these races in leisurely.

As I observe, it really is striking how different the republicans and democrats are. In my view, we all want the same thing (in a big sense), we just have different ways that we think we can get there. Unfortunately, these ways don’t always align.

What upsets me throughout all of this though are those people who can’t or won’t try to see things from the other perspective. You don’t have to agree with the other perspective, but at least try to see where they are coming from.

The cries of “I’m moving to Canada if so-and-so is elected” baffles me. I used to be one of them I think, but then got over it really quickly when I realized that not much changed for me. That’s why there is a checks and balances system in our government. Unfortunately, this often leads to slow progress on things that people would like faster progress on. Though, it’s better than many countries have.

As someone who doesn’t align with either the far right or far left, the state of national politics right now is frustrating. Though, as the two sides believe in a very different road to get places, I see why. When I was younger, I never really understood the difference between being Democrat and Republican. How can folks have just 2 types of beliefs? As I grew, I learned it was a lot more complicated than that. So is who we elect to be President. My hope is that we all can listen to the other side as opposed to dismissing their ideas.

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