Never Try to One Up Injuries or Sicknesses

Ok folks… lesson time.

If you ever have an injury or get sick… NEVER try to compare it to someone else’s situation.

I’ve had a pretty rough go of it this year. I’ve torn my Achilles twice and haven’t been able to drive for pretty much this whole year, I’ve been on crutches for close to 3 months, and at times it’s been pretty uncomfortable. It’s been one of the worst years of my life (so far) because I just like being an active person.

But you know what? People have it worse.

I still have my family. My friends have been great. Everyone seems helpful. Aside from this injury that most likely (hopefully) will heal like nothing happened, some people aren’t so lucky.

Someone I know recently got injured, and the first thing they said to me was “I can one up you”. Really? You REALLY can one up me? You have NO IDEA what my life has been like for 6 months even though you see me on a fairly regular basis. I also have no idea what you’ve been through and how much pain you’ve had. Just because I don’t complain about the pain, the constant discomfort, or how frustrating it is to have to rely on other people to go anywhere does not mean that I’m jolly good with my injury.

With that said, it’s also not as bad as it could be. A family close to me recently lost their father due to cancer. Someone not as close to me – but still important – left this world leaving behind a very young daughter. My injury has been no fun, but I wouldn’t switch my situation with those dealing with the situations I just described. Sure this whole thing is no fun (no fun at all – well…. except being able to swing with my crutches… that’s pretty fun), but things will get better for me. Even if they don’t, I’ve had a pretty good run and will deal with whatever punches I have to deal with.

But the bottom line is this: never try to one up injuries or sicknesses. It’s a race to the bottom and no one feels good afterwards. Everyone experiences how their feeling and their circumstances differently.

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