The Achilles Decision: Surgery or No

I wasn’t quite sure what had happened to my leg.  Immediately after the injury, I knew SOMETHING was wrong, but I wasn’t sure what.  I thought it was my Achilles, but the people I was playing with weren’t so sure about that.

So here I was, three days after the injury, and seeing a doctor.  But first an MRI…

Not my ankle, but the doc showed me something very similar.

I had neve had an MRI.  I wasn’t really sure what to expect.  But if you’ve ever seen one on television, it’s about the same.  They lay you down on a bed, tell you to not move, and move you into this horizontal silo.  The machine makes a bit of noise, but the Christmas music that they were playing for me more than overpowered the noise.  It was quite pleasant.  My only issue was that they said that I couldn’t move at all.  Much like a kid who was told not to eat candy, I was struggling not to move.  20-30 minutes later, I was through.

The meeting with the doctor was short.  He laid out my options.  I could go into surgery and keep my power, but increase my risk of re-injury* or I could let it heal naturally, but be in a cast for much longer.  I went with the cast.

* After doing some research, I found out what the doctor was saying was wrong.  The re-injury rate (at least according to everything that I’ve read) is LESS with surgery.

I’m at peace with where I am right now, but I probably would have gone with surgery if I had known that not only would I not lose power, but I also would have been less likely to be re-injured.  It also may have been a shorter recovery period too.  But what is done is done, and I’m fine with the route I have taken (even though I probably could opt for surgery this week if I wanted to.  The complications of surgery bother me, but not too much.

I’ve accepted that I’m 32 years old and will never be able to dunk a basketball.

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