If You Aren’t Getting Stronger, You’re Getting Weaker

Do you remember how Wall-E found out what happened to all the humans?  How they all got bigger and fatter?


That’s how I feel many people are (and I include myself in this).  I don’t blame them, of course, as it is SO easy being lazy these days.  You can wake up and check your e-mail on your phone without even standing up.  You can contact a co-worker via email without having to walk over to them and speak face to face.  Heck, you can even have your groceries delivered to you!  I worry that we (and I mean the American “we” as I am sure that other countries are different) are just becoming weaker and weaker.


Steve Edwards (who is kind of the Fitness Guru with the company of Beachbody) wrote a blog post about bare feet running and how injuries haven’t really decreased.  Supposedly, running in bare feet is supposed to strengthen your feet, and thus prevent injuries.  But injuries aren’t really down, and in some cases they are actually up (though, I believe that many are because people just go out and run barefoot without really working up to the run as their feet aren’t used to doing it).


The big point that I got out of that post was that we (as a society) are physically weaker than we were in the past.  We just don’t have to do as much physical activity these days.  We have dishwashers, supermarkets, and the like to do jobs for us.  I’m not advocating that we go back to a world where we hunt for our food or wash everything by hand, but how did we become a society that sits in front of computers all day?


“We don’t sit in front of computers all day!” you might say.  “I do enough walking to and from work and around the office.”


I thought I agreed at one point.  Then I heard that we all should walk 10,000 steps a day, which is the equivalent to about 4 or 5 miles.  So I went out and got a pedometer.  Within the normal flow of my day, I found I came nowhere close to 10,000 steps.   At that point, I was routinely running 3 miles a day, and even with that, I would just barely creep over 10,000 steps.


I work out every day and I try to walk where I can, but even without a pedometer I don’t think I come near 10,000 steps.  But more than that, I worry that even with all my workouts, the constant sitting that my body experiences in a normal day now is making me weaker.


“If you aren’t getting stronger, you’re getting weaker”


That’s what my football coach in High School would say.  If you aren’t getting better, you’re getting worse.  There is no way to stay the same.  That’s how he would push us to go beyond what we were currently doing.


I’m just not sure that many people got that memo.

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