Paying it Forward

I was in the grocery store after work today.  I needed to pick up some food because we all need to eat.  So I had gotten all of my food and I am standing in line waiting for my turn.

I picked this particular line because it was the shortest of the three lines that were open.  Of course, this was right after work, and it was busy, but the store still thought that they only needed 3 lines.

Anyway, there was an elderly woman in front of me.  She was unpacking her cart, but she was doing so much slower than most people wanted to.  She realized this and made a comment.  So I just started right in helping her unpack her cart.  I figured it made everyone’s lives easier, including this nice woman.

So afterwards she said “Thanks.  (Makes sure that the strawberries she got were 2 for 1)  Just for that, I’m going to give you my extra case of strawberries.”

I wasn’t expecting a gift because I helped.  Guess I’ll just have to pass along the love.

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