3 Day Weekends

I don’t have enough 3 day weekends.

Every week, I come in on Monday hating the fact that I have five (FIVE!) days until my time is free. But those two glorious days of freedom seem like a day and a half. I read somewhere recently that on average, people start thinking about their work for Monday at around 3:30 pm on Sunday. Who wants to start their workweek a day before they have to?

I am just finishing a 3 day weekend. Though I was able to get some errands done today (another benefit of the extended weekend), I definitely feel a lot more refreshed and ready to go for tomorrow.

So I guess I wonder why we don’t make the 3 day weekend our default. Or, rather, why don’t more companies make it their default? I would much rather work 4 10-hour days than 5 8 hour days (and my place of employment does allow me to do so, I just haven’t asked).

But this was glorious. I think I’ll do it again next weekend.

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