Lost Horizon Night Market

So I will be the first to admit that some art goes right over my head. The whole concept of art being art because someone created it first – though, this is more modern art – kind of bothers me. But some kinds of art, I get. The Lost Horizon Night Market is one of those that I just GET.

The Lost Horizon Night Market is a word-of-mouth participatory event featuring a series of box trucks parked along the street stretching for several of blocks, where each truck has a unique theme that is revealed once you part the curtains and enter the truck. The only way to find out the location of an event to be invited by one of the truck’s proprietors.  (Link to Pictures)

This seems like such a cool event. I just wish I knew some people who were doing a truck.

This post was inspired by a video on vimeo that I saw. Jason Eppinks released a video from his Surprise Surveillance Theatre project.

Surprise Surveillance Theater from Jason Eppink on Vimeo.

His explanation:

Surprise Surveillance Theater was an interactive theater experience, performed live for hundreds, unbeknownst to the unwitting stars of the show. It was part of the Lost Horizon Night Market, an extraordinary, modular, participatory art party that takes place in unmarked box trucks on low-traffic back streets in New York City.

The goal was to take unwitting revelers and throw them into a narrative about a black market, requiring the target to pass secret notes, have rendezvous, wear a wire, and make a mystery delivery. All of this was watched by a live audience on more than a dozen TVs showing footage captured by strategically placed video cameras, but the scope of the experience was only revealed to the target at the very end when he or she delivered a secret package to the waiting audience.

Great video!

3 Day Weekends

I don’t have enough 3 day weekends.

Every week, I come in on Monday hating the fact that I have five (FIVE!) days until my time is free. But those two glorious days of freedom seem like a day and a half. I read somewhere recently that on average, people start thinking about their work for Monday at around 3:30 pm on Sunday. Who wants to start their workweek a day before they have to?

I am just finishing a 3 day weekend. Though I was able to get some errands done today (another benefit of the extended weekend), I definitely feel a lot more refreshed and ready to go for tomorrow.

So I guess I wonder why we don’t make the 3 day weekend our default. Or, rather, why don’t more companies make it their default? I would much rather work 4 10-hour days than 5 8 hour days (and my place of employment does allow me to do so, I just haven’t asked).

But this was glorious. I think I’ll do it again next weekend.