Oh, The Places I Went

December 22 – Travel

How did you travel in 2010? How and/or where would you like to travel next year?

(Author: Tara Hunt)


New Orleans was crazy! The Saints were headed for the Super Bowl!

As I’ve been sifting through all my pictures this year to remember where I’ve been, the biggest feeling that I’ve had when doing so was one of thankfulness. I don’t make piles upon piles of money, but I do get by. Luckily, I have the luxury of taking a lot of time off of work in order to do the traveling that I want to do.

I was up in Boston a few times this year.

New York as well! Can you believe that this was my first time in Central Park?!

I have always placed a high priority on traveling. It allows me to get away, yet at the same time I am able to catch up or reconnect with people who don’t make it a priority to travel to see me. People have different priorities. I don’t judge.

New Hampshire was gorgeous!

I realize that I am not in the most convenient travel location. It’s not warm. It’s not really in between places (unless you count it being in between Boston and New York… but there aren’t many people who need to make a pit stop when they travel between those two cities). Really, there is no reason why anyone would need to come to where I lived unless they were visiting me. I grew up in the northeast and never traveled through here until I got a job.

I love going back home... there's always new places to explore.

As I’ve never been the center of travel attention and in a spot where people can easily come visit, I make it a priority to visit them. Unfortunately, I can’t make it everywhere. I STILL haven’t been out to visit my best friend out in LA, and he’s been there for four or five years. Chalk this one up on the board for what my 2011 travel plans are. West coast, watch out!

I did a LOT of hiking around Connecticut this year. Who knew there were so many places to go?

It’s no secret that I have the travel bug. I got it from my mom. I’ve been up and down the east coast more times than I can count and have crossed the country four times by car. But in the future, maybe not 2011, I want to start traveling abroad more. I want to start seeing more of the world.

I was out there for a wedding, but it was good to be back in Seattle.

That’s the more distant future though. In 2011, I have nothing lined up yet. Boston and New York are definite destinations. I’m sure I’ll be in Chicago at some point. My car will most assuredly be making the drive back home. Other than that, and my long delayed Los Angeles trip, I don’t really have any idea where I’ll be going. The wanderer in me loves that fact.

Notre Dame Stadium - Wake up the echoes!

Travel on!

A wonderful way to close my travels in 2010!

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