Watch Your Sugar Intake!

As if we didn’t need more proof that fructose (especially high fructose corn syrup) is not good for you, there is this report from Reuters.

So, a little background on my history leads to part of the reason why I try to lead a healthy lifestyle (which I promise to write about the full reasoning behind at some point in the near future).  It starts with my grandparents.

I’ve lost 2 (possibly 3… complications) of my grandparents to cancer.  My own parents are getting close to the age at which their parents really started to deteriorate.  I’d like to have my parents and other family members around as long as possible.  In addition to that, I would like to be around as long as possible, so I tend to take things that can cause cancer very seriously.

Smoking: never tried it.

Sunburns: I burned a lot as a kid, but I can’t change the past.  I’ve had maybe 2-3 slight burns in the last 3-4 years.  I try to put sunscreen on when I’m going out in the sun.

Even burnt food.  I try not to eat the burnt parts.

I generally try to stay away from fructose.  The linked article states that there may be a strong correlation between the increase in cancer and the prevalence of fructose in our diets.  I generally would like to keep myself as healthy as possible.

So that is my reasoning for trying to rid my diet of fructose.  I think it’s something that you should think about too.

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