In and Out of Shape

I’ve been thinking a lot about food recently.  I definitely have noticed a “wearing down” effect when I don’t keep my calories in sync with my workouts.  If I eat too little in a day, I feel like a slug at night.  This shouldn’t happen as I’m in pretty good shape.  It isn’t like my days are physically stressful or anything.

What we eat has an enormous influence on how we feel and how our body deals with things.

This is why I can understand why some professional athletes put on a lot of weight once their playing days are done.

Put yourself in their shoes…  Here they are, working out every day.  Burning thousands of calories.  They need to maintain their weight, so their diets need to reflect that.

So say a professional athlete has been doing their sport for 10-20 years.  They have the same routine.  They eat the same things and maybe even have a set meal plan.  Over the years, they just get used to eating as much as they do.

Then it all stops.  Whether they retire, get hurt, or they decrease the amount of effort they put in, they burn less calories in a given day.  But if they don’t decrease the amount their eating (by a lot), they are going to gain weight.

One of the biggest revelations that I have had in the last couple months is that it is REALLY hard to change your eating habits.  It is comfortable and in some cases a lot easier to go with what you know.  And if all you know is unhealthy food or eating a lot to keep up with the calories you are losing, then it takes a real effort to put forth any change.

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