Knowing When to Listen to Your Body

If you have spent any time reading or talking to people about eating or exercise habits, inevitably you’ve heard the term, “Listen to your body.”  It’s generally good advice, as long as you know what your body is saying.

It could be your first workout in 2 months.  If you listen to what your body wants to do, you might just sit back down and call it a day.  “Listening to you body” more comes into play when you have somewhat of a routine down.

But Brian, I listen to my body!

I’m sure you do, but a few days ago, I didn’t.

I normally get up and power through my workout, but I woke up with a slight sore throat.  Other than my throat, nothing really felt wrong.  Maybe I was a little on the tired side, but it had been that way for a few weeks (which I guess means I was ripe for getting sick).  So I got through my workout, but afterwards felt awful.

This wasn’t a “you worked too hard and you are just tired” feeling.  This was more of a “what did you do to yourself?” feeling.  I was achy the rest of the day and was absolutely useless until I went home and took a nap at lunch.

After the nap, I realized something.  I realized…

How Important Sleep Is to Recovery

After the nap, I still didn’t feel so hot, but I felt better than I did.  So I made it my mission to get to bed early that night to see if I could catch up on some sleep and allow my body more time to fight the good fight.

I slept for almost 10 hours last night, and what do you know?  I woke up feeling much better.  I still was “sick”, but was feeling so much better than the previous day.

Sleep is when your body recovers best.  It just makes sense that the more you sleep the quicker you will recover.

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