Should I Eat Bruised Fruit?

I’ve been eating a lot of fruit recently, as my plan for meals calls for more fruit.  Instead of all the protein that I had been eating, I now find myself eating a lot more bananas, apples, blueberries, strawberries, and mangoes.

This got me thinking…

Normally, I carry an apple and a banana with me to work.  Depending on how much walking around I do (I carry everything in my bag), my fruit sometimes doesn’t make it to my mouth in perfect condition.  Perhaps I dropped an apple along the way or my banana got smushed.

Bruised Banana

Ewww... is that safe to eat?

Is there anything wrong with eating bruised fruit?

Not really.

Bruising occurs when the cell walls and membranes in the fruit rupture.  Oxygen reacts with the broken part of the fruit, which results in a brown coloring.

Your fruit may have a slightly different texture and color, but there is really nothing wrong with eating the bruised part of the fruit.


If the fruit has skin that is broken, it needs to be stored in the fridge.  Bacteria can get in and that may affect the safety of the food.

And, this goes without saying, if the food has mold on it its probably best to just throw the fruit away.  You could cut the mold away but by the point that the mold becomes visible it has had plenty of time to affect the texture, odor, and perhaps the safety of the fruit.

And Here’s a Tip to Save You some $$$

Supermarkets typically package overripe or flawed produce and sell it supercheap, but don’t stop there. If there’s a farm stand in your area, ask for “utility fruit”—fruit that that has bruises or discoloration but is still good to eat. At my local farm stand, I picked up a box of about 20 utility tomatoes for $4 and made three meals’ worth of delicious spaghetti sauce. I also nabbed some bruised peaches. After trimming off the mushy parts, I sliced them up, mixed in a little lemon juice to prevent browning, and froze the slices in baggies. Hint: You have to ask for these leftovers, since stores and stands don’t usually display them for sale. its-and-veggies/

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One thought on “Should I Eat Bruised Fruit?

  1. 2Mogs says:

    I was thinking about this as I fished a half black banana out of the bottom of my bag this morning. Took the plunge and ate it anyway. It was fine – very sweet, just a bit mushy.

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