How Important is Healthy Eating?

TED Conference – Jamie Oliver

This speech by Jamie Oliver is great.  It is close to 22 minutes long, but I think it’s worth the watch.

Some Cliff Notes:

Right now, the cost of smoking is much less than obesity.

Costs of obesity are 10% of all health care bills, and in ten years, this number is set to double.

Some problems that can be corrected by “Main Street”: portion sizes (they are way too big) and labelling (many things are “low fat” but are loaded with sugar).

Some problems in the schools: Limited budgets limit the creativity of the chefs as they have to buy cheaper food.  Also, as they have become “dangerous”, there aren’t knives and forks in many schools.  This forces schools to serve food that can be eaten by hand, which tends to be more fast food type options.

There was a piece in this video about how Jamie went into a school and asked the students what various vegetables were.  He summarized his findings: We don’t teach kids about food.  If they don’t know what food is, they won’t eat it.

Overall, this was a very enlightening piece, especially considering that I am trying my best to eat healthier.

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