The Snowball Effect

Sometimes life just gets you down.  You might have something to do, but just don’t want to do it.  I’m not talking about procrastination, in this case I am talking about something that if you don’t do now, you just aren’t going to get it done.

For example, exercise.

I try my best to keep my body healthy.  I try to eat right.  I try to exercise daily.  I wash my hands and try to keep face touching to a minimum.  But there are some days when I plan on working out before work, but I really just want to hit my snooze button, curl back under my covers, and dream.

Today was one of those days.

A Little Background

I read a few financial blogs, mostly personal finance and how I can better manage my mo2318649324_98a5ff68f8ney.  A while back, I read an article called In Praise of the Debt Snowball on  Essentially, the gist of the article is that if you start paying off your smallest debt first, you will gain momentum and you will continue until you pay off your big debts.

This method never resonated with me.

I have always done well with goals.  While I see the good reasoning behind it, I also see the big picture in that if I paid my debts off that way, I would be spending more money than if I paid it off big debts first.  I’ve always been conscious of where my money is going.

So I didn’t really put much credence into this Snowball Effect.  I’ve always thought that tackling the biggest portion first would make the smaller portions so much easier to get through.

Back to the Story

Here I was, waking up, knowing that I had two workouts to get through.  I had a longer arm workout and a shorter abdominal workout.  Normally, I do the longer one first and then bust out the shorter one after that.  But today, I was looking at it as a block.  “Wow!  I have a lot to do today!  This isn’t going to be any fun.”

So I thought back to the Snowball example and decided to switch up the routine.

Going through the workout was much easier on me because I didn’t have the “Yuck, I have fifteen minutes of abs after I get done with this” feeling.  I cranked out the ab routine and then just counted down until my arm workout was done.

Changing up the routine a bit kind of helped as well, because it was getting stale, but getting the shorter portion of my workout done first really helped me push through the longer portion.

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