The Blog: Why?

090802-RSSI’ve been out of High School for ten years now.  My reunion is next weekend, actually.  So that means that this fall is the 10 year anniversary of starting my first blog.  In fact, I don’t even know if they called them “Blogs” back then.

I did everything by hand, including creating and maintaining the site.  Visually, it was nothing to shout about, but it got the job done.  It certainly wasn’t as clean and nice looking as this format.

Now that technology has improved, everyone seems to be connected to the internet.  Cell phones have the ability to bring up the internet wherever you are.  A friend of mine is currently camping for the weekend.  One would think that camping would mean being shut off from the world.  Nope.  She has an iPhone and has posted some pictures to Facebook.  It’s a much different world that we live in then that of 10 years ago (Speaking of… this page is actually viewable on mobile devices).

So why start up again?

  • To share my ideas and thoughts with the world on my own little electronic platform (no matter how small it may be).
  • To connect to other people and have them connect with me.
  • To have a better command of what pops up when someone does a search for me.

I want my brain to do more active thinking rather than passive thinking.  I have long thought that spending time on the internet was a better use of time than watching television.  But only recently has it really occurred to me about how much time I lose to random information gathering.  If I don’t use the information that I am getting, then, what’s the point?

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